Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must be considered a process and over time you can build your ranking and traffic.This article provides 10 SEO tips that will build your search engine rank.1. Title The Title is (usually) the hyperlink provided in the search results so make sure it抯 people friendly. Put the most important keyword first, followed by the 2nd of you need to have your Company name there (branding), put it at the end.2. Meta descriptionsUse the keywords once or twice in your Meta description. It can be the text that shows up in the description area of the search engine results.3. H Tags (and proper use)Have your keywords in an H1 tag at the top of your page embedded in a good description. Not only will it help your rankings but many times the search engines will actually display it in their results.4. Keyword positioning (on the page)Have your main keywords high up in the page (the higher the better). The most valuable real estate on a web page is top left corner ?people (& engines) read left to right starting from the top.5. Number and Quality of inbound linksEach link from another web site acts like a vote of confidence ?A link implies that the site believes your site has value.However, all links are not equal. You must get links from sites that have a similar theme to yours ONLY! Anything else may actually hurt your page rank. 6. Linking Text/DescriptionWhen building a link campaign, make sure to use keywords in the link. For example, a link with click here? doesn't help you with search engines. A link such as internet Marketing? is much more effective (if that's your keyword).Also, don''t  forget to use keywords in your linking description as well.For the most thorough ebook  on developing a strong linking campaign read Jack Humphrey ower Linking 2: Evolution!? ([url=][/url])7. Content is looking?Not only is quality content what people are looking for, but content is also what the search engines are looking for. Content is basically good? for the search engines.IMPORTANT: DO NOT try to trick? search engines with useless content. Not only won't this work, but it will bother potential customers. Also, while you want to mention your keyword, DO NOT keyword stuff? A too high word density will penalize you ?make it natural.8. File size Keep file size as small as possible. It will make for faster loading pages, happier visitors and the search engines like them.9. Bold & ItalicIt's good practice to highlight your keywords in your copy a few times, but don't overdo it.10. Alt tags in image linksSearch engines can read text but they can't see a pictures. Putting in Alt text for a graphic tells the search engine what it is about and also helps people who have their graphics turned off. Make sure to put your keywords in your Alt tags.Here is an example: Once your site is optimized for the search engines, you can then start submitting your site. Practice these tips and over time you will see your search engine rank increase.